Stranger chases screaming little girl – hidden camera catches the scary scene

Last April, a 2-year-old boy named Noah Graham urgently needed help. He was in a restaurant parking lot when he suddenly started choking.

Then almost out of nowhere, a stranger jumped in and saved his life before disappearing just as fast as he had appeared.

Photo: YouTube

This is Noah playing with his big sister some time after the scary day at the restaurant. Their mom had parked the car and was taking off Noah’s seat belt when the boy suddenly grabbed his throat.

Noah’s big sister, who was also there that day, immediately ran into the restaurant and called for help.

“I said, ‘My mom needs help and my baby brother’s choking,'” she tells NBC 5 Chicago.

Inside the restaurant was a guardian angel, a stranger who was ordering food when he heard Noah’s big sister’s call for help. He immediately stopped everything and ran outside, took Noah out of the car, put him on his knee and started hitting his back. And of course, the chip that was lodged in the boy’s throat quickly came out.

But before Noah’s mother, Mary, had a chance to thank him, the unknown hero was gone.

Photo: YouTube

Now Mary wants to thank the man and hopes that by sharing the story she can reach him.

Watch the restaurant’s surveillance camera to see how fast the stranger acts in the time of need.

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