Man steps up to the karaoke stage: Watch the reaction when the guests realize who he really is

It’s always fun to see stars get a big reaction from their fans. Some achieve this on stage while others do it in completely different ways, when you least expect it.

In the video below we see people enjoying a night out in a karaoke bar when, disguised as a long-haired bartender, Jon Bon Jovi decided to shock guests by taking over the singing!

It’s an ordinary night at the bar and nobody knows what’s going to happen. But suddenly Bon Jovi’s classic hits start to play and the mood in the bar changes.

In one scene a group is singing along to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and the bearded cowboy takes the microphone off one of the singers to show them how it’s done.

The voice sounds like Jon Bon Jovi and and many are beginning to wonder who this mysterious man is. After a while of taking over, he takes off the hat, the wig and the beard and reveals his true identity – which makes the whole bar scream with joy.

It’s really fun to see people’s shocked faces when they discover who they sang along with. So nicely done by Jon Bon Jovi who is doing it all for a good cause – he’s a really cool guy!