Student breaks into museum in the middle of night and takes selfies with exhibits

A student was caught on camera breaking into Australia’s oldest museum to take selfies and help himself to some of the exhibits.

Paul Kuhn, who is from Germany but studying in Australia, was caught on camera wandering around the empty corridors of the Australian Museum, in Sydney.

Paul Kuhn Australian Museum 2
New South Wales Police/UNILAD

The 25 year old took one of the museum’s cowboy hats and wore it to take selfies next to the displays, including one with his head inside the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus skull.

Kuhn managed to get into the building, which has been closed since August 2019 for renovations, through some scaffolding and spent around 40 minutes exploring the site, according to New South Wales Police.

“He certainly enjoyed his night at the museum,” said Detective Chief Inspector Sean Heaney, as per RTE News.

Paul Kuhn Australian Museum
New South Wales Police/UNILAD

“He’s taken some selfies with some of the displays. He’s also stolen a hat and a picture (from) the wall and eventually left… it’s very serious, we shouldn’t make light of this. We’re lucky he hasn’t damaged any historical artifacts or anything that is expensive in there.”

Kuhn, who turned himself into police after CCTV images were released, was charged with two counts of theft: one for the cowboy hat, another for a further piece of artwork from the museum.

Let’s hope this puts a stop to any further night time museum visits and nothing was damaged in the process.

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