Student builds 145-square-foot house on wheels to avoid graduate debt

The years spent studying at college is often one of the best times of a young person’s life. You not only learn new things but also develop intellectually. You also gain new friends and form friendships that often last a lifetime.

But there are also aspects of student life that are a bit more problematic, such as where to live for example. Every year it becomes harder to find accommodation in the more popular student cities. In addition, you often have to pay a small fortune if you are lucky enough to find a home.

It’s common knowledge that most students do not have a lot of money, and the little money they do have needs to be spent on books, food and, of course, some pleasures. One student who knows how hard it is to find housing is Joel Weber. The University of Texas student decided to look at his problem from a different angle and his solution is impressive, writes  The Telegraph.

Instead of spending the average $800 a month most Texas students have to pay on student lodgings, Joel Weber spent a year building his own wooden mobile home for as little as $20,000. 

He borrowed books about architecture from the library, used all of his savings, even those saved for emergency situations. “I knew there was a risk,” Joel told The Telegraph. But one year later and the result is a small but beautiful new home.

At last he could move into his house which was his investment, rather than pay high student housing rents. On the outside, it may not look like much but just take a peek inside and and see how spacious it actually is.

I really could live there, it looks so cozy.

The wooden house, which is only 145 square feet, is extremely well planned. Just look at how well the staircase is also used for storage.

A cozy sofa corner!

 A beautiful sink made from a mango bowl

 A very functional kitchen

The bedroom sits above the living area for maximum privacy

And the added bonus of being able to move around easily!

Source: Imgur

Joel has already received many offers from people who want to buy his house. But at the moment he does not want to sell.

Joel’s idea and the result is so impressive. And even if it cost him his savings, it has saved him a lot of money in the long run.

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