Swedish model Natasha Crown, 24, wants the world’s biggest butt – despite doctors’ warnings

This is Natasha Crown. She is a 24-year-old woman from Sweden who is focusing on breaking a rather odd world record.

She wants to have the world’s biggest butt. At the same time, doctors have warned her of the consequences. After her last butt lift she has been warned that any further surgeries could be dangerous.

Recently she appeared on U.S. TV show The Doctors and told her story.


Natasha told the show about her desire to get the biggest butt in the world through plastic surgery. The 24-year-old explains that she has already had three Brazilian butt lifts.

Had first surgery at 20 years old

“When I was 17, I saw a woman with a big butt, and since that day I wanted to look like her,” she told the show The Doctors.

“I was 20 when I had my first procedure and yes, I would say I’m obsessed


“I have done three butt-lift surgeries, but I want to do more. My goal is to have the biggest butt in the world.”

Fat taken from arms and back

In the three previous operations, the plastic surgeons have taken fat from her arms, back and thighs and injected it into her behind; she has no implants in this area. Currently her butt measures 85 inches, but she does not think this is enough.

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I love what I see,” she said.

Natasha has undergone 3 butt-lift surgeries to increase her bottom to 85 inches in circumference — but she wants to set…

Posted by LittleThings on Sunday, 18 February 2018

Natasha said having such a large bottom has its disadvantages; if she flies anywhere she is required to book two seats, she can’t run or sleep on her back as it hurts too much. But she does work out regularly to keep her muscle tone.

Parents’ reaction

She says her parents are against her constant surgeries.

They think about my health and tell me to think about the future, will I ever have a family of my own and things like that, she said.

According to an article in the  Daily Mail Natasha said: “It is difficult for them to see me change. Sometimes they have been very cruel and said things like, ‘you look like a cow.’ They don’t understand why I am doing this and I say to them: ‘How can you speak to your own daughter like that?'”

She is planning a fourth surgery despite warnings from doctors. Natasha says she respects the people who tell her to stop, but at the same time she wants to reach her goal and intends to continue.

Doctors warnings

Dr. Andrew Ordon from The Doctors’ show said he was shocked by Natasha’s quest and tried to warn her of the dangers but the Swedish model says nothing anyone says will make her change her mind. She is determined to reach her goal of having the world’s biggest butt.


According to an interview in  Closer Magazine she remains determined whatever the dangers.

“My new figure has completely ruined my love life and complications due to my size also mean that I could die from having too much surgery,” she explained.

“But I’ll do whatever it takes to have the world’s biggest butt.”

Find out more about Natasha’s story in the video below:

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