Sweet 7-year-old spends Thanksgiving handing out food to the homeless

Thanksgiving is such a busy time for families as they prepare to travel, spend time together and get busy cooking a feast.

It take real selflessness to put our plans on hold and help those that really need it. But the fall and winter months should be a time to turn our attention to those outside and suffering, especially when our bellies are full of delicious Thanksgiving offerings.

The deadly wildfires in California, which have left thousands homeless, have meant more donations have flooded in to help people.  Seva: Selfless Service was out in large numbers on Thanksgiving day, handing out food and clothing to the homeless in Sacramento, California.

And one seven-year-old boy also came out with his family on a cold Thanksgiving morning to help the homeless in Sacramento.

Serving dinner again tonight. Good news is less people at the shelter.

Posted by Seva: Selfless Service on Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Youngster Kendrick Brown was determined to venture out and help the homeless on Thanksgiving.

According to CBS13, the 7-year-old boy wanted to hand out McDonald’s hamburgers, so his sister, his mom and his dad all pitched in, bought bags of burgers, and headed for Sacramento’s homeless population.

This big-hearted boy’s dad Demetrius Williams said they wanted to come out as a family to teach their kids that not everyone is safe, warm and fed so they need to help those less fortunate. He added that the burgers were his son’s idea.

When asked why he was there, Kendrick said: “To help people…Because helping people is doing the right thing.”

Watch this inspirational boy and all the other families coming out to help in the video below.

This boy is a credit to his parents and a great example to others. Please share this story with your friends and family; it may inspire others to help the needy.