Teacher walks miles every day so his isolated students can learn math despite the lock down

For school children the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has meant their education has suffered.

Many children are now reliant on their parents to help with work sent to them via email from their school, not an ideal situation but necessary given the rising numbers of people contracting this potentially deadly virus.

In certain areas of the world, going to school is not an easy feat; many people live in low income, isolated areas where they have to travel miles for something that many of us take for granted.

Many have parents that work all day and don’t have computers so can’t receive the school work they need to keep up with their studies.

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One teacher, whose students are from the low-income neighborhoods of Huancavelica, Peru, walks six miles every day so his students don’t fall behind in math.

Gerson Ames Gaspar carries a blackboard, a backpack with school supplies and a speaker, covers his mouth with a mask and makes the journey along dirt streets to the homes of his students.

“We must understand that there are students who do not have a television, radio or cell phone. Images or video cannot be sent to them.

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“The student goes to the door of his house, I keep a distance of 6 feet and I offer him what the Ministry of Education is proposing for the ‘Learn at home’ program,” Gerson says, as per Clarin International News.

The dedicated teacher has been recognized as a Master of Excellence for his revolutionary teaching method called “Ruwaspa Yachani”, which means “Learning by doing”.

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His teaching method also earned him the nomination of the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and he won the prestigious international Global Teacher Award, Clarin reports.

YouTube / Latina News

Let’s share so more people can applaud this wonderful teacher who is helping to empower his students with knowledge despite the lock down.

Such dedication deserves our praise!