Tears pour down 4 year old’s face as she rushes out of McDonalds bathroom

To let children try to do things for themselves is good for their development, but it can also be quite difficult to let go sometimes.

When Nicole’s 4 year old daughter Kaya asked if she could go to a McDonald’s bathroom by herself, the mother answered yes. It couldn’t be that dangerous, and she was waiting close by.

Needless to say, she had no idea what was about to happen to her daughter in the bathroom.

Kaya felt she was big enough to go to the bathroom all by herself, without mom’s help.

Nicole agreed and waited outside the restaurant — something she would soon regret.

Wikimedia Commons

Just before Kaya entered the bathroom, two teenage girls had stepped out of it, laughing.

Nicole did not reflect much about it, but when she heard her daughter’s screams, she understood that something was seriously wrong.

The two girls who had just gone into the bathroom just before Kaya had spread superglue all over the toilet seat, causing Kaya’s skin to rip from her legs, reports Metro.

Kaya Langmead

Nicole said that McDonald’s staff handled the situation exemplarily. They acted quickly and comforted Kaya.

The police were called in and notified of the incident. They are looking for the two teenage girls who performed the terrible, insensitive prank. I really hope that they manage to find them and that they’re taught a lesson.

Following their horrible experience, Nicole shared the event on Facebook. She wants to warn other parents to prevent this kind of terror from affecting their children, too.

Watch the video below for more on Kaya and Nicole’s unpleasant experience. 

Please help us share Nicole’s warning so that no further children are affected by this kind of terrible situation!