Teen ‘gives birth’ to ‘huge blood clot’ – then doctors reveal what it really is

Megan Burgeen was shocked to discover at just 19 years old that she had a cancerous tumor growing on her cervix that was more than 4 inches long.

But for months the teenager from Blackpool, England, was told by doctors that her irregular periods and stomach pains were just “hormones.”

It wasn’t until the teenager produced what she thought was a huge blood clot did she realize something was really wrong.

She took a picture of it to show her doctor who, after running tests, revealed she had a tumor.

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Megan told The Sun newspaper it started with irregular bleeding and stomach pain followed by small clots.

Rare type of cervical cancer

“It continued for months on end but in February 2019, I passed an alarmingly large mass which I took a picture of to show the doctor,” she told The Sun.

“It was almost as if I gave birth to it, it was so big.”

Doctors told Megan that she had a rare type of cervical cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that can grow on muscles.

It’s Megan’s Mum here, I may be in trouble for putting this post but I feel it’s important that when she looks back she…

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Megan had to have five rounds of chemotherapy before she was declared cancer free. Her treatment meant she lost her hair and had to have a hysterectomy, but she is healthy with her whole life ahead of her.

‘Have kids through surrogacy’

“At first I was upset about the fact I’d lose my hair and not be able to carry children, but in the end, I just ended up looking at the positives like the fact I can be alive to watch my hair grow back and have kids through surrogacy,” she said.

“It made it easier for me to accept it all and realize that it wasn’t the end of the world for me.”

What a brave and inspirational teen Megan is. Now she’s sharing her journey on her Facebook page to warn other women.

Please share so more young girls and women can tune into their bodies, know when something is wrong and not give up despite what a doctor may first tell them.