Teen sends friend text saying “I’m gonna die tonight” hours before her and sister are killed in crash

Just weeks before what was expected to be a happy family Christmas, a father got the call no parent ever wants to receive.

Jason Alexander was told his eldest daughter 17-year-old Tayla had died in a car crash and her younger sister, 15-year-old Sunmara had been critically injured in the same crash.

The two had been in a car driven by a 19-year-old man near their home in Port Hills, New Zealand.

But just minutes before the car had crashed and set on fire, Ashburton teen Tayla had sent a chilling text message to a friend.


“Bro, I’m gonna die tonight,” the text read, according to Stuff.co.uk.

Tayla died in the crash, while Sunmara was critically injured with extensive burns and was taken to a hospital in Auckland but succumbed to her injuries.

Sunmara died on her 16th birthday

She died on December 13 on her 16th birthday, according to Stuff.co.nz

According to the publication Tayla sent a follow up text to her friend which read: “I’ve never been driven around the Port Hills so fast before.”


The girls’ father, Jason Alexander, told Stuff.co.nz  his immediate response was anger.

“I can imagine obviously that my girls were scared, but anger’s not going to solve anything and [the driver] still a kid himself. He had two beautiful girls in the car and he was just showing off.

‘Everything just got taken away from me’

“I forgive him, he’s just young himself. Being angry or bringing hate into it isn’t going to change anything, it isn’t going to bring Tayla and Sunmara back.”

The brave and devoted father added: “My whole life just got ripped out from under me, everything just got taken away from me in one night.


“I had to watch my other daughter die in front of my eyes … I’m gutted.”

Jason said on social media he hoped action would be taken to make the road where it happened safer.

“Sunmara suffered so much, but hopefully not in vain. I would love to see that road sorted and more barriers up.”

Givealittle page for the family raised over $24,000.

Jason Alexander lost both his teenage daughters Tayla, 17, left, and Sunmara, 16, following a crash on Summit Rd in Christchurch's Port Hills on November 27.

Such a tragic incident and so sad that two beautiful girls with their whole lives ahead of them were taken too soon. Rest in peace sisters.

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