Teen lays down across four subway seats: Watch his reaction when a stranger sits down on him

Is there anything more frustrating than someone being selfish in a public space that we all have to share.

Unfortunately this can be said for a lot of teenagers who are just discovering the world around them and learning how to be socially aware.

There are many thoughtful and kind-hearted teenagers out there, but the few that think the world revolves around them give youngsters a bad reputation.

Not everyone is willing to put up with such self-absorbed teens; in New York, one man thought it was time to teach a certain selfish teenager a lesson.

His actions on a busy subway have now gone viral.



When one commuter on the subway spotted the boy sprawled across the seat she had to capture him on camera.

The subway train was busy and the boy seems completely unaware that he is taking up the space of three people, as he plays on his phone.

Twitter / da_drought_3

While the teenage boy was lying down on the subway train, many looked at him with an expression that should have alerted him to move, but instead he remained firmly put.

He refused to move for three adults until one man decided he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

So, he sits on the boy’s legs.

The boy’s priceless reaction was captured in the image below and has lit up social media attracting praise from thousands of people.

He’s also putting his dirty shoes on a seat that people sit on, it’s behavior that this man stops with non verbal communication.

Though the entitled little boy seems convinced that he was wrong, the internet thinks otherwise. The post has been liked over 136,000 times, and hundreds of people have left comments applauding the man.

‘Not all heroes wear capes,’ wrote one, while another tweeted: ‘He has 0 s***s left to give and he is my blood brother.’

‘Subway etiquette is best taught nonverbally with force,’ added another.

‘The subway is the great equalizer,’ said yet another.

Feel free to share with others as an example of why we must hold youngsters accountable for their actions.

Hopefully he’ll never do this again.