Teen who stabbed a man to death over coffee gets 20 years in jail in a case that shocked the nation

It was an accident that one man never imagined would end in tragedy.

52-year-old Antonio Muralles was leaving a McDonald’s in Connecticut with a cup of coffee when he bumped into a teen and his friend.

In accidentally bumping into the two he spilled his coffee and apologised for the mistake. But, that wasn’t enough.

The 15-year-old allegedly spat in the man’s face and asked him if he wanted to die before stabbing him.

A judge has since decided his fate. Was justice served? You decide.

Antonio Muralles bumped into Marquest Hall and James McLamb, and possibly spilled coffee on them before the deadly altercation.

The apologized, but that wasn’t good enough for the teen or his accomplice, Daily Mail reports.

Hall, who was 15 years old at the time, stabbed the innocent man several times and allegedly spat in Muralles’ face and asked if he wanted to die.

Sadly, the question wasn’t rhetorical.

Antonio Muralles (Screen capture/ABC 7)

James McLamb punched the man who had innocently spilled his coffee and Hall stabbed him as they continued to attack Muralles.

Their victim fell to the ground, but the assault didn’t stop. Hall took a final thrust with the knife, fatally stabbed Muralles in the heart.

Unfortunately, this was not a one-off event.

The scene of the crime (Screen shot/Connecticut News 12)

Prosecutor Paul Ferencek said that Hall was trying to pick up a fight that night by poking men with a walking stick and harassing them, The Stamford Advocate reported.

Apparently, the spilled coffee was just an excuse for Hall to release some frustrations.

 ‘Brutal, senseless and totally unnecessary’

Marquest Hall, now 17 years old, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of intentional manslaughter and received a sentence of 20 years in prison, the maximum allowed, according to News 12 Connecticut.

Image result for marquest hall coffee
NBC Connecticut

The judge had said he would reluctantly accept the plea deal after prosecutors offered it due to Hall’s age and learning disabilities.

James McLamb was sentenced to five years in jail for second-degree assault for his part. According to reports he punched Antonio Muralles.

McLamb apologized to the victim’s family during his sentencing, according to Stamford Advocate.

In sentencing Hall the judge described the attack as “brutal, senseless and totally unnecessary.”

Anthony Muralles (left) FOX CT (Published in the Daily Mail)

At the time of McLamb’s arrest he was in New Haven on an unrelated weapon’s charge with a $2 million bond, according to Stamford Police department.

Antonio Muralles’ life was ended when Marquest Hall stabbed him to death over spilled coffee. (Screen capture/WTNH News 8, Youtube)

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Such a shocking and senseless attack on an innocent man.

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