Teen gang harrasses home owner Tim: Now watch when they get a taste of their own medicine!

Vandlised mail boxes, stolen valuables and general hassle.

Tim Upton and his neighbors in Aurora, Denver have suffered for weeks at the hands of a gang of teenagers who roam the neighborhood’s streets – and spread terror amongst the neighbors.

Until one day not so long ago, Tim grew tired of their behaviour. He decided to fight fire with fire… and give the young people a taste of their own medicine.

He wants more than anything to be able to see the good in his fellow men.

But when a package was recently left unattended on Tim Upton’s porch – thieves struck in broad daylight.

Hoping that there would be something valuable in the package, they made off with the delivery.


When Tim came home and reviewed the tapes from his security camera he saw that the thieves were a gang of teenagers.

As if it wasn’t enough for them to steal the package from the porch, they also kicked and broke Tim’s mailbox.


Three days later it happened again. The same teenagers showed up and stole another package, this time from a neighbor.

Tim realized that something had to be done. Christmas was just arround the corner, more packages would no doubt be left in the area, and who knew where this would end if someone didn’t put a stop to this gang of teenagers.

So Tim decided to fight fire with fire.


Together with some of his neighbors he began to cook up a plan.

They were going to beat the teenagers at their own game – and packed up a special kind of bait.

What was in the package? 15 lbs of… dog poop!


It didn’t take long before the gang took the bait.

Their first attempt to steal the parcel wasn’t particularly successful, since it was quite a heavy package, but on their next try the gang managed to swipe the parcel and disappear.


Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t know how the gang reacted when they opened the parcel – but they haven’t shown up to terrorize the neighborhood since.

We can assume that this particular package didn’t bring the teenagers any joy!

“I wish I could have been there to see them open it. We laughed, we’re still laughing at it,” Tim tells CBS Denver.


Tim and his neighbors have also taken to social media to try to discover who’s behind the thefts.

“To have them come forward. At least admit they’re wrong, appologise, and I would have left it at that,” he says to CBS Denver.

When the interview was carried out last week, there had still been no confession. Tim has filed a police report.

Watch the news report here:

We can only hope that Tim’s genius revenge made the thieves think twice about their actions.

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