Teenager picks up little brother at school, hours later, mom sees the unimaginable online

For parents, a normal day can change quickly when an emergency arises with one of their children.

This is what happened to Candice — her son’s school called in the middle of the day because he needed to be picked up early. She wasn’t able to get there right away, so she asked her teenage daughter to pick him up instead.

But when they hadn’t come home several hours later, Candice started to worry. Then, she found a picture online that made her heart melt.

We are very happy to tell stories that touch our hearts and that we hope you will enjoy reading. But in some stories, the main characters’ own account of the events is so touching that it deserves to be read just as it is written.

That said, read what mother Candice Curry had to say about her son and teenage daughter:

Credit: Facebook/Candice Curry

“We had a family emergency type situation today that required our teenager to leave school early and pick up her little brother from his school.”

“I thought she took him home until I saw her snapchat (social media network used to share photos with friends and family).”

Credit: Facebook/Candice Curry

Took her brother to school

“Instead of missing class she actually took her three year old brother back to high school with her and let him sleep on her while she finished her last class of the day. I’m not sure on the legalities here or what kind of rules were broken but I also just don’t care. My sweet teenager helped her family out and returned to her other responsibility while snuggling her baby brother.”

“I’m either the worst mom in the world or totally nailing it. Please don’t tell me which one , let me live in ignorant bliss while I stare at this picture.”

Credit: Facebook/Candice Curry

“Life is short”

“Life is short. These are the moments that make it so incredibly sweet,” wrote Candice.

After writing the post, thousands of people have liked, commented and shared it. Many have sent their warm wishes to Candice and her daughter. This is family love when it’s most beautiful.

We had a family emergency type situation today that required our teenager to leave school early and pick up her little…

Posted by Candice Curry – W3 on Thursday, 25 May 2017

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