Teenager with golf ball-sized lump behind his ear told it’s just a pimple, then family receive shocking news

Cancer is something we’re all aware of. At some point in all of our lives we will be touched in some way by this terrible disease.

For the Hyatt family, they were too familiar with cancer.

So, when 17-year-old Joseph Hyatt found a large lump behind his ear, his mom Teresa took him to the emergency room.

Despite the doctor being told the family’s medical history he dismissed the teenage with information on treating acne, but Teresa knew he was wrong and went for a second opinion. And thank goodness she did.




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Within 6 years Teresa Hyatt lost her brother to bone cancer at aged 50 and then her mother and father. Then cancer reared its ugly head again and Teresa’s sister was diagnosed with it.

So, when her son Joseph showed his mom a golf-ball size lump behind his ear she knew she had to act fast and get it checked out by a doctor.

The Apollo Beach Florida family couldn’t believe it when a doctor and a nurse told them it was just a pimple.

Teresa asked the doctor if he wanted to do any blood work but he said no and dismissed them. Joseph’s discharge papers included instructions on how to treat acne.

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But Teresa’s instinct kicked in and just two days later she took Joseph to their family doctor who sent her boy to Shands Cancer Hospital for a biopsy.

The lump that had initially been diagnosed as a pimple turned out to be Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Thankfully it was caught early and the removal of the lump took care of the tumor but Joseph faced further surgery to remove the surrounding cancer cells.


Dr. Jay Wolfson, Associate Vice President of USF Health, said emergency room doctors often do not have the training it takes to diagnose cancer, according to Fox4Now.

The advice is: if you’re unsure always get a second opinion and make sure you have a family doctor who knows your medical history.

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