Terrified woman sneaks secret note to cashier – when she reads the words, shivers run down her spine

Human trafficking is a problem known all around the world. Even so, thousands of men, women and children continue to be affected by it every single year.

It does not discriminate; it is present in every country. In fact, it’s probably more common in first-world countries than many people realise.

This particular story focuses on an event in South Korea. Cashier Kim was working her usual shift in a local store in her city. Suddenly, a group of men  walked in that made Kim suspicious right from the off.

Several minutes later, she had changed the life of a young, terrified woman.

Kim was working at her local store when a group of men and one woman entered. The men appeared tired out and Kim believed them to be behaving strangely. As for the woman, she looked like she was scared.

Kim sees many people come in and out of the shop every day, and she immediately understood that something was wrong. She kept her eyes on the woman and tried to get her attention.

Wikimedia Commons (Kvinnan på bilden har inget med händelsen att göra)

The woman peeled away from the men, cautiously; making it seem as though she was looking for something further away in the store. Instead, she approached Kim. When the men weren’t looking, the woman passed Kim a note.

The piece of paper was carrying a message, one written in three different languages. The instruction was clear: The woman needed help.


She had written than she was being held against her will on the fourth floor of a house, and needed help from the police. She had also noted that she was “working illegally”.

Kim understood the severity. She also knew, however, that she couldn’t confront the men herself. Kim would have to come up with a plan … and fast.



When the group paid she asked the woman for her telephone number, explaining that the store needed it to register her for their bonus system. The men believed Kim’s trick, and gave her a number.

As soon as they had left the shop, Kim contacted the police and told them what was written on the note she had received. She also gave them the phone number the men had left.

Tracking the number

The police were able to trace the number to a nearby building. There, they discovered a business called “Kiss Room” which transpired to be a brothel.

They arrested five men on location and found four women who were being help captive and used for sex. One of the latter was the woman who had spoken to Kim in the store.

The women had been held against their will for several months. One can only imagine what they were forced to endure.


However, the story doesn’t end there.

The police continued to investigate the business and found a list of customers, over 300 strong, who had visited the brothel. No small tragedy; that so many people were prepared to exploit these women against their will.

Thanks to Kim’s courageous efforts, the business was put to an end and the women involved were given back their freedom.

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