“Basketball girl” lost her legs in a bad crash – 10 yrs later she’s a millionaire and looks like this!

A little girl named Qian Hongyan lived a quiet and happy life with her family in the Yunnan province in China.

However, when she was just three-years-old, she experienced a traumatic event that would change her life forever.

Qian was involved in a serious accident. The doctors worked hard and managed to save her life, but they had to amputate her legs and part of her lower body. Qian’s family couldn’t afford medical treatment, prosthetics, or anything else to help with her disability.

Qian was stuck at home, unable to move. She thought she would never be able to leave her home, again. One day, her grandfather had an idea that would be the beginning of something amazing, something would touch the entire world.

This little girl’s story is a wonderful story of strength and resilience…