The Bikechair a man created for his wife with Alzheimer's - it's a true labor of love

The Bikechair a man created for his wife with Alzheimer’s – it’s a true labor of love

As technology moves forward new creations are born out of a need to make life easier for us but rarely are they born out of love.

But one man in Australia decided to create something that would bring joy into the life of his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Bill Forward, from the Sunshine Coast, in Australia, created The Bike Chair for his wife Glad so she could continue to enjoy being on a bike in the great outdoors.

Bill’s wife is safely strapped into the chair at the front of the bike giving her the perfect seat to enjoy all the beauty around her.

We’ve seen bikes with chairs on the back, designed for kids, but this allows for a prime position at the front of the bike.

According to Good Homes Design Bill’s design soon captured a lot of attention prompting a short video to be made which told the couple’s inspiring story.

Unfortunately this ingenious design is only available in Australia but in a recent Facebook post Bill says they are looking at a bike frame manufacture in Taiwan in order to keep the costs down for their customers.

Find out more about the incredible love that Bill has for his wife int he clip below, this really is a labor of love for him.

Let’s hope this becomes available soon as it could benefit so many people.

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