The hero in the cave: Let’s celebrate Dr. Richard who interrupted his vacation and stayed with the boys for three days

For the past few weeks, people from around the world have closely watched as an unfortunate Thai soccer team got caught in the Tham Luang Nan Non cave in northern Thailand, leading to an over two week struggle for their lives.

On June 23, twelve boys, aged 11 to 16, as well as their 25-year-old coach disappeared into Tham Luang Nan Non in northern Thailand. The extensive cave system is 10 kilometers long, but the opening was blocked by heavy monsoon rain, rendering search and rescue efforts extremely difficult.

The dramatic rescue operation was followed by the entire world, and news of a diver who died during rescue efforts broke millions’ hearts.

Yesterday, we got the wonderful news that all 12 boys and their coach were rescued at last. One person who played a significant role during the challenging rescue operation is Australian doctor and diver Richard Harris.


Called upon by Thai government

Richard from Adelaide, Australia, was on vacation in Thailand when news of the boys stuck in the cave reached him.

According to the Australian government, Richard’s help was called on by the Thai government due to his expertise. Richard is internationally renowned for his expertise in cave rescues and his rare combination of skills as both an experienced diver and doctor were urgently needed.

When Richard reached the boys, he assessed their state of health and remained with them for three days.

Under his assessment, he ordered that the weakest boys should leave the cave first, reports BBC.

Richard Harris
Facebook/Eduardo Faria Caetano

Last to leave the cave

Richard Harris, also known as Harry, is believed to be the last one who left the cave.

But for Harry and his family, happiness was short-lived when, shortly after the end of the rescue campaign, news that his father had passed away reached him.

“Harry is quiet and kind man who did not think twice about offering his support on this mission,” Andrew Pearce, MedSTAR Clinical Service Director, said in a statement.

He also asked journalists to allow Harry and his family peace during this sad period.

Australian Aeromedical Specialist, Dr. Richard Harris is on the scene of the rescue of the boys in Thailand cave….

Posted by Engkrit Panamee on Monday, 9 July 2018

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