The single mom who graduated from Harvard Law School and carried her baby onto the stage

When Briana Williams found out she was pregnant in her second year at Harvard she decided to keep her baby.

She was met with many doubters and even had to deal with intrusive questions as to why she had chosen to keep her baby.

But this smart and determined 24-year-old explained why she had chosen to have a baby while pursuing her law degree at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world with the simple words: ‘I could.’


Briana told USA Today that these doubters and questioners were framed by the notion of the conventional family nucleus where the woman is occupied with raising the children while the man pursues his career.

Briana wrote in USA Today that it was this notion “that tends to keep women with children from professional advancement. Even the contribution of domestic work is devalued.” 


Pursuing her degree while pregnant and becoming a mom for the first time wasn’t easy as sometimes sleep had to be sacrificed but she wasn’t afraid to ask for help and she wasn’t ashamed to bring her daughter to class.

There is even footage of Briana working on an essay while she’s in labor.

Briana graduated from law school with a dream job in May 2018 and walked across the stage to receive her diploma with her daughter in her arms.

She says she learned many lessons along the way and writes: ” Perhaps most importantly, I have learned that neither opinions nor archetypes can define me. I am my greatest hurdle.”

She adds that the lesson she has learned have not been from Harvard or her subsequent jobs but from being a mother.


What an incredible inspiration Briana is and not just to her daughter.

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