Toddler found dead in his bed by dad, after going to his room to watch favorite movie

4-year-old David George from Glasgow, Scotland, was a happy little kid who was very much loved by his mom, dad and two older siblings.

But unfortunately, this smiling boy would be ripped away from his family in an incredibly tragic way.

My wee cheeky angel xxx Debbie Park

Gepostet von John George am Mittwoch, 22. April 2020

On April 15, 4-year-old David was out in his garden, playing with his older brother and sister. Everything was as usual, but after a while David wanted to go indoors because he wanted to see his favorite movie, Transformers, in peace.

David went into his room, put on the film and lay down in his bed – but he never woke up.

When his dad, Ian George, walked in and checked on his son, he found the boy unconscious in bed. He immediately called 911 and tried to revive his lifeless son.

Both paramedics and doctors also tried desperately to save the boy, but despite this, David was declared dead shortly after he entered the children’s hospital in Glasgow.

David was healthy and had no underlying illnesses – which made his death a mystery. No one in the family could understand how their beloved little boy could pass away so suddenly.

The doctors were forced to notify the family that David died due to unexpected death in childhood (SUDC), after falling asleep.

Sudden unexplained death in childhood is the death of a child over the age of 12 months which remains unexplained after a thorough investigation and autopsy.

Most often, a seemingly healthy child goes to sleep and never wakes up.

The family is now trying live with the grief. David’s mother, Debbie Park, doesn’t know how they’re going to continue without her youngest son, who was set to start school in August.

”He closed his eyes and went to heaven. He wasn’t in pain and hadn’t been unwell. He just died with no warning or reason. We’re heartbroken. Absolutely devastated. I don’t know how I’ll carry on without him. He was my baby. I just want him back. I’d do anything to have him here, ” she told Daily Record.

David’s older siblings have taken this hard as well.

“They were all best pals. Fought like cat and dog right enough, but had so much love for each other. All they know is the angels came down and took him and that he is in heaven now with our dog Jacko. We told them He is up there having fun. Hopefully that will give them some peace and comfort,” Debbie says.

David’s death sheds light on one of the most under-recognized medical tragedies of our time.

Every year, at least 400 children are lost to undetermined causes in the U.S. It is most common in young children and is the fifth leading category of death among children ages 1 to 4 years, according to

Due to the current situation in Scotland, with the corona pandemic ongoing, only 20 people will be allowed to attend David’s funeral.

But the boy’s parents have urged relatives and friends to walk the streets outside the church to pay their respect.

Just heartbreaking, I can’t imagine what his family are going through. My condolences to his family and friends. God rest his beautiful soul 🙏💔