Toddlers help create a recipe book and the result is hilarious

Letting children help in the kitchen is something that can be a great educational experience for tiny minds.

Learning about food and the work that goes into creating a meal from scratch is a useful tool for life.

One teacher decided to take this a step further and asked her pre-k class to create recipes for a cookbook – and the results are hilarious.

Jordan Adams, whose nephew Ethan was among the children who helped create the book, was so entertained he had to share them on Twitter.

His tweet was shared by tens of thousands of people who couldn’t get enough of these very funny recipes.




The cookbook takes us into the mind of a toddler and what they see when they watch adults cook; they make it sound so easy!

“You get a thingy from the house and put it in a hot thingy,” is how you make Sebastian’s pancakes where salt is the only ingredient, and not just any salt but very expensive salt from Walmart.

Jordan Adams/Twitter

These toddler twists on classic recipes such as macaroni, Tacos and eggs, were shared by Jordan, who describes himself as a Texan “pizza enthusiast” and “joke writer.”

More than 170,000 people responded to the tweet commenting on how much they enjoyed reading these kids’ constant stream of consciousness. Many even want to try these recipes out.

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Ethan’s eggs take an hour to prepare but only seconds to cook and require no eggs because you can just get them from his mom, who makes them all the time.

You do, however, need pancakes, sugar and skittles. It’s unclear where these ingredients go as the instructions state “don’t put anything on them because that’s how you makes eggs, with nothing.”

Joe’s Tacos are a complete mystery as they turn into cheesy rollups and end up as a watermelon.

Watermelon is a lot easier and much better than tacos and burritos which make Joe very sick, due to the beans.

The switch from one subject to another perfectly captures the busy mind of a toddler.

And really you can add anything to these recipes. For example Ariana’s Macaroni can be made with toys, a backpack and a doll, which most toddlers have a ready supply of.

These recipes are just hilarious and makes me wish I’d done something similar with my kids when they were that age.

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