Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson show up at fast food restaurant then surprise customers with generous gift

Tom Hanks is an actor that nobody has a bad word to say about. On screen he is a legend and off screen he seems to be the nicest guy in Hollywood — a true gentleman.

We forget that these stars are just regular people who want to visit the same places as us. So when Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson showed up at an burger restaurant in Fontana, California, customers and staff couldn’t help but stare.

As shock turned to excitement all those around him scrambled to get a picture while others chatted with Rita. Then he did something that left everyone in no doubt that he really is the nicest guy in Hollywood.


He graciously took selfies with everyone and chatted. His trademark smile never left his face as he lived up to his glowing reputation.

But that wasn’t all, then he proceeded to pay for everyone’s meal.

The screen legend who is set to voice Woody again in Toy Story 4, out in June 2019, even wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Tom was dressed very casually and fit right in with his warm and down-to-earth nature.

He left everyone with a special memory. What a story to tell the grand kids along with a picture for your mantel.

Instagram user Megan, who goes by the handle bookcauldron13, posted an image of her special meeting with the 62-year-old actor and his wife.

She wrote “Tom Hanks is at In and Out sitting across from us. I’m star struck!!,” She continued, “He is such a nice guy taking pictures with everyone….he told us Merry Christmas.”

The actor and his wife were on a weekend trip to Fontana, California when they decided to indulge in some In-N-Out. Customers and staff also enjoyed chatting with the lovely Rita Wilson.

Watch him in action in the clip below.

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I’m definitely going to be on the look out next time I visit an In-N-Out Burger joint. How excited those customers and staff must have been and what a generous and sweet person he is.

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