Tourists sunbathing on a beach have no idea what’s happening to their belongings – here’s the new sneaky method

We all love to go on vacation so we can unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. It’s the perfect time to indulge ourselves and switch off.

Now a video has been released showing a gang who is cashing in on the more relaxed tourist and the consequences are a wake up call for those of us who let our guard down while on vacation.

Watch what happens when tourists fall asleep on a beach in Magaluf, Spain.

A video posted on YouTube has caught a ruthless gang targeting British tourists vacationing on the popular tourist spot in Mallorca, Spain.

Gaviota 007

The thieves are targeting tourists who are distracted, asleep or intoxicated and stealing their belongings while they relax on the beach.

Those that are intoxicated are also being befriended by these gangs before stealing their possessions.

A British bar owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Mail Online  the gangs were using women to distract men after they leave bars.

“The pickpockets and prostitutes are part of the same gang who hang around outside the bars in the early hours picking off stragglers.

“The women pretend to be prostitutes and throw their arms around these young lads, clearly worse the wear for drink, and when they’re distracted they pickpocket them.”

Gaviota 007

Gaviota 007 has posted numerous video of these gangs caught in the act over the last month, all with information in English, Spanish and German in the hopes of reaching out to as many tourists as possible.

His channel, where the videos are posted, states: “A vigilante who calls himself ‘Secret Agent Gaviota 007’ and his friends are on a mission to stop theft, misbehavior, prostitution and drugs in Mallorca.”

Watch the men in action in the video below.

This could happen to any tourist on vacation if they’re not aware of their surroundings. Please be vigilant when you are traveling.

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