Truck driver stops to help dog alone on a dirt road, then a sound alerts him to a greater danger

Tow truck driver Marty Hall Junior was traveling along the quiet roads of Mariposa County mountains, in California, when he spotted something unusual, that forced him to stop on a dirt road.

As he approached, he slowed down and caught sight of a dog that was very still in the middle of the road.

At first, he thought that it might have escaped. But when it started to behave in an odd way, he knew there was more to this dog than he first thought.

Because of the dog’s leash that was dragging along the road, Marty became very suspicious and went to approach him.

He held out some food, trying to get the dog to move, but this sweet animal seemed to be glued to the floor. The dog had no interest in Marty or the food.

Marty then went back to his vehicle and turned off the engine.

That’s when he heard it – a sound that came from beyond the dog.

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When Marty saw the dog then walking toward the direction of the sound, he followed it. It did not take long for him to realize what was making the noise. It was the dog’s owner.

Facebook/ABC7 News

The  elderly man, Paul, had fallen down an embankment and was hurt. He’d been there since five in the morning and it was nearly noon.

Another dog stayed by the injured man’s side and would not let Marty get close to him. The injured man told Marty he only lived a mile away.

Marty went  to Paul’s house nearby to alert his wife and call for an ambulance. What luck that Marty was driving by!

Find out the full story in the video below.

What faithful friends Paul’s animals are. They stayed with him and helped him throughout many hot hours, without any food or water.

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