Two observant teenagers notice woman in distress – call 911 and rescue the kidnapped woman

19-year-old Aaron and 17-year-old Jamal were overtaking a car on a Texas, USA highway.

As they passed the car on their right, they noticed something strange: a young woman sitting in the back seat who did not seem to be doing too well. As they made eye contact, she then appeared to desperately try to send them a secret message.. She was mouthing the words “help me”.

The two teenagers were stunned — and immediately decided they had to do something.

Aaron and Jamal immediately realized that something was not right when they made eye contact with the young woman in the back seat of the car.

She seemed to be mouthing a clear but secretive “help me” as they passed her car on the left.

Source: YouTube

The two young men decided to call 911 and explain what they’d just seen.

Meanwhile, they bravely decided to follow the suspicious car.

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The teenagers remained on the line with the emergency operator as they continued to tail the suspect car for miles.

“Oh my God, I’m hoping the car behing me is a police officer. Nope, it’s not. Oh my God,” one of the teens says during the call.

Source: YouTube

Some minutes later, the police appeared and immediately pulled over the suspect vehicle. Just as the teenagers had suspected, it turned out that the 25-year-old woman sitting in the backseat had been kidnapped and forced into the man’s car while on her way home from an office party.

“Thank God, you guys are awesome! Oh my God. Oh my God, get him. Oh my God,” one of the relieved teens can be heard saying as they officers arrest the alleged kidnapper.

Source: YouTube

Police arrested the man who was later sentenced to prison – and the woman ended up safe and sound, thanks to Aaron and Jamal’s quick-thinking and swift actions.

Listen to Aaron and Jamal’s call to the police below:

I’m so relieved that these young men were observant enough to notice the desperate woman next to them – and smart enough to follow their instincts! Please share this story along further to pay tribute to these everyday heroes and remind everyone to follow their gut!