Wedding guests think priest has lost her mind, then couple turns around and shocks everyone

A wedding is a joyful day filled with warmth and love. In front of loved ones, relatives and friends, two people make the most important promise anyone can make – promising one another eternal love and faithfulness.

It is also a day that can offer special little moments and surprises.

Just like during this ceremony, for example. Because while most of the guests believed they would see a normal wedding ceremony, the priest and the bride had other plans.

When Gary and Tracy Richardson got married, they wanted a traditional wedding ceremony. But they also agreed that they wanted some unexpected elements to surprise the guests.

Together with their priest, Kate Bottley, they hatched a plan. Eventually they had a brilliant idea: they would end their ceremony with a flash mob.

Only a few friends and family members were told about the plan. They practiced and practiced, and soon the big day arrived.

As the ceremony finished, some unexpected music began to echo from the church speakers. Suddenly, the priest began to dance – and just when the guests thought that the priest had lost her mind … the bride and groom jumped in on the action!

The wonderful surprise was a perfect end to an equally perfect day. It’s so wonderful to see how much fun the happy couple have together!

“For those of you who took part, thank you for your time and commitment, you made our wish come true and have created a lasting memory,” groom Gary writes on YouTube.

The clip has also been a huge success online, and has been seen over 8 million times! You can watch it for yourself below:

If this moment is anything to go by, I am sure that Gary and Tracy are going to have a wonderful life together, filled with joy and laughter.

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