Why Princess Diana stopped wearing her signature blue eyeliner

Princess Diana was one of the most beautiful humans to have walked this planet – ever full of grace and humility.

In my opinion, she didn’t need any makeup to show her real beauty; she was was beautiful inside and out.

But when you think of Princess Diana’s makeup – you often picture of her with a swipe of blush on her high cheekbones and the electric blue eyeliner, which became her signature look.

The blue eyeliner looked gorgeous on her; it really brought out her eye color. Of course, Diana had a makeup artist who was responsible for her style – the legendary Mary Greenwell.

Princess Diana in her classic 1980's makeup with blue eyeliner.

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Greenwell is famous for working with the world’s most well-known supermodels and royals. She is best known for creating a perfect – yet natural – look on her clients.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, the famous makeup artist revealed that she was the one who convinced Diana to dump her favorite blue eyeliner.

Blue Eyeliner, Take ThreePrincess Diana and her baby blues at a state banquet in the Champs-Élysées Palace in Paris. (Photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Gepostet von Yahoo Canada am Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

“I think beiges and browns are just so much prettier. Simple as that,” Mary told Yahoo, continuing:

“She felt no need to be showy, so she kept her makeup subtle and appropriate for the occasion. She loved to exaggerate her gorgeous eyes and wear loads of mascara.”

So, even without her signature blue eyeliner, Diana obviously loved to play up her eyes.

But it was only the blue eyeliner that Mary convinced Diana to dump.

Otherwise, she wanted to change as little as possible and Mary kept Diana’s make up pretty consistent – for one special reason.

“She was someone who was in the public eye presenting herself all the time to the public. It isn’t particularly appropriate to go on changing your look every five seconds. She did change her makeup a bit. It’s just that it wasn’t changed dramatically. I think dramatic change is not really something for somebody who’s in the White House or in office or in a royal family, as it’s just not really appropriate.”

Diana always wore blue eyeliner which made her gorgeous blue eyes look amazing.

Gepostet von Diana, Princess Of Wales, The Queen Of Hearts am Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

I love electric blue and Princess Diana looked fabulous no matter the colour, she was full of grace and true beauty!

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