Woman arrested after urinating in ice cream machine – faces felony charges

A woman in Florida has been arrested this week and charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products, after allegedly spitting, urinating and picking her nose into the ice cream.

Reports state that 66-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha was arrested by police on Monday, July 8, with the store in question having been forced to close for days as a result of her disgusting behavior.

The incident took place at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop in Indian Shores. Authorities were able to arrest and charge Wypcha after watching CCTV footage.

It’s said Wypcha, who runs a store next door to the ice cream shop, carried out the distasteful acts over the course of three days.

The Tampa Bay Times have published the arrest affidavit, which tells how the 66-year-old used the shared bathroom five times on June 17. Each time she left the door ajar and failed to wash her hands.

Then, on each occasion, Wypcha would walk over to the organic ice cream freezer and put her hands into multiple containers.

What’s more, cameras caught her later on the same day picking her nose and tampering with the ice cream, as well as then allegedly spitting in it.

It gets worse

As if things couldn’t get any more gross, Wypcha was also captured on June 22 attempting to use the shared bathroom again. Upon realizing it was locked, however, she urinated in a bucket used to churn the ice cream, thereafter dumping the bucket in a sink where ice cream utensils and bowls are washed. She then put her hands in the freezer again.

Wypcha was released on Monday night after posting bail, but has been charged with two felony crimes.

The owner of Lu Lu’s, meanwhile, was forced to close his store for as many as five days, as well as destroy the ice cream for public safety. The entire shop was restocked with fresh products.

What a vile thing for a person to do. I just can’t get my head around what is wrong with the world at the moment.

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