Woman arrested for shooting gun in grass to save neighbor’s dog

Last April, a woman was arrested after police said she shot at a teen who was sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog in Centerton, Arkansas.

Kerrie Lenkerd, 40, allegedly shot the 14-year-old boy whom she accused of trying to rape the dog.

She looked out of her bedroom window and saw a teen sexually assaulting the dog and Kerrie said this wasn’t the first time she has caught the teen doing the act to the animal.

According to Kerrie, she went outside with her gun and shot into the grass to warn him. She said the boy jumped the fence and so she went after him and fired a shot into the ground to scare him. 

The 14-year-old ran away and left his iPad and some clothes at the scene.

When Kerrie called the police she was subsequently charged with aggravated assault, had her guns seized, and told not to have further contact with the teen.

Police officers later spoke with the boy who said the woman came around and pointed a gun at him and told him to put his hands up.

He said he didn’t see a badge so she he jumped the fence and ran away in his underwear. According to the boy, the woman fired a shot about five or 10 seconds after he jumped the fence.

Dropped charges

But The Benton County Circuit Court decided to not pursue charges against Kerrie, according to court documents.

He said Lenkerd fired a shot about five or 10 seconds after he jumped the fence.

However, police said the teenager was also arrested for two counts of bestiality, according to Kark.com.

Patricia Peterson is Lenkerd’s neighbor and owns the dog Lenkerd said was being sexually assaulted.

Worried friends

She said she is grateful for what Lenkerd did to help her dog.

“My biggest fear is that if he’s done this at least twice to my dog, how many other pets are victims?” Peterson said.

“Or next time is it going to be a child?”

They did take their dog to a veterinarian who told them that she did not suffer any physical damage but they may see changes in their dog’s behavior because of the trauma.


According to her friends: Kerrie is a mom of 5, who has had a clean record and no issues with the law up until this incident.

She was acting as a concerned mom, neighbor, and animal lover.

She is a responsible gun owner and would never have pointed a gun unless she thought it was necessary to do such, in defense of another, who was unable to defend themselves.

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