Puppies discovered in dirty crate making no sound – rescuers looks closer and see why they are silent

Despite all the terrible stories surrounding animal cruelty I’m always surprised by the new depths people sink to in the way they treat animals.

A maintenance worker was investigating a burst pipe inside a housing complex in Wichita, Kansas, and was hit by a terrible smell as soon as he entered.

He spotted two puppies confined in a small crate covered in feces and urine but making no sound. On a closer inspection he saw they had been silenced with rubber bands around their mouths. Realizing the situation he immediately called for back up.


The maintenance worker contacted a friend who he knew worked for Wichita Animal Action League and they responded  immediately.

The bands, used to tie hair, had caused the puppies’ mouths to swell and go red so rescuers knew they had to act fast and remove these puppies from the apartment.

Loss of smell

They were taken to a vet, who thought that their mouths had been tied with wire the bands were so tight. He had to work very gently to cut the rubber bands off. The yelps of pain the puppies made when they were finally released and the blood started rushing back into their noses was described as “heartbreaking” by the vet.

Wesley and Violet, as the puppies were renamed, enjoyed a long bath after and smelled much better.

The vet said if the bands hadn’t been removed when they had the puppies could have suffered tissue damage, loss of smell or something worse.

Watch when the puppies are finally released from those cruel tight bands in the clip below.

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Photo: Facebook

Owner facing charges

Thankfully the puppies are recovering and will soon be going to a loving, safe, forever home.

“They’re already doing great. The scarring is already going away. It just makes us so happy they’re already healing and they’re ready to move on to their next life,” Stephanie McCurdy, from Wichita Animal Action League, told  the TV station KAKE.com

The puppies’ original owner is facing misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty and a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

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Photo: Facebook

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