Woman calls out other women who go out without makeup

This TikToker caused a serious stir online after making comments about other women who choose to go out without makeup.

Sabrina Ali ignited a heated debate when she posted a video advocating for the use of makeup at certain events, particularly highlighting the importance of makeup for women after a certain age.

Though, her comments spurred discussions about beauty standards and makeup’s role in social gatherings.

“After a certain age, coming outside to any event that you’re all dressed up for and you have heels on with no makeup is unacceptable,” Sabrina said in her video.


“I don’t care how pretty you think you are with the bare face. We all think we’re beautiful with a bare face, right? But there’s a time and a place for a bare face. Not everywhere is bare face acceptable, grow up, learn how to do makeup,” she added.

Sabrina continued: “And this is why I always tell people learn how to do things early at a young age or you’re going to keep having to pay for things and you’re going to get tired of having to pay for services that you can do yourself. So learn how to do makeup and avoid coming out to functions looking beautiful but with a bare face.”

Many people took to the comments to express their distaste with what Sabrina had said.

Makeup has been around for centuries

The history of makeup stretches back thousands of years, with ancient Egyptians being among the first to widely use cosmetics. Over time, various cultures developed their own makeup norms and styles. However, makeup didn’t become an everyday style until the 19th century when artificial lighting and accessible mirrors became common.

In 1915, there were even attempts to outlaw makeup in Kansas, as some believed it created a “false impression.” Despite this, makeup became more and more popular, especially due to the influence of the film and entertainment industry.

Changing beauty standards

The video’s controversy is probably due to the fact that makeup’s place in fashion and beauty has changed over the last few decades. Sure, it’s still highly popular, but it’s now become less of a societal norm and more of a personal choice.

In fact, today’s younger generations may not realize that makeup was once a must for women when going out.

While Sabrina’s arguments are valid, perhaps people aren’t so happy with her words because of the way our beauty standards have changed.

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