Woman starts filming storm, looks closer at the clouds and cannot believe her eyes

Have you ever wondered whether there is someone up in the clouds that sits and watches over us?

Sometimes I get a strange feeling that someone is guiding me and often this is a great comfort; also for those of us that have lost a loved one, knowing someone is up there and they are not alone can also bring comfort.

Now, a video has been posted online that could bring us closer to a decision on whether there really is someone watching over us. Be prepared to be amazed by the image captured on camera below.


The footage was captured by a woman called Solo, according to LADbible, who decided she wanted to film the storm outside her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

As she pointed her camera at the clouds and hit record something strange suddenly appeared in the sky straight in front of her eyes.

She immediately zoomed in closer as she filmed what appears to be a figure walking through the clouds!

Video went viral

It’s such a strange appearance in the sky; nobody knows for sure exactly what it was. Perhaps it was some kind of illusion, an obscure ray of light, a strange cloud – or maybe it was something else.

However, since the video was published online, it has hit the internet by storm with almost 40 million people having watched it and so many comments from people with so many different opinions on the video.

What do you think about the figure in the clouds; could this be someone watching over us?

Watch the video below, and share with your friends. And don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think!