Woman gets fed up with cop constantly pulling her over – turns on camera and refuses to give him ID

As a driver, most of us know the fear that sets in when a cop drives up behind you with flashing lights. Because anyone who’s been stopped more than once, knows it can be a terrifying experience.

However, for one particular woman, being pulled over by the same cop was something she had endured nearly every day.

Not surprisingly, she eventually had enough and did something few people are brave enough to do — and she even took out her camera to record the incident.


The woman was repeatedly stopped by the same cop every time he spotted her. When she stared recording, it was clear something funny was about to go down.

With exasperation in her voice, she said, “Well ya’ll, I just got pulled over.”


It’s clear from the video below why this woman keeps getting pulled over by the same officer.

She rolls down her window and the police officer asks her to produce her license and registration.

The woman refuses to hand it over and instead tells the officer what she really thinks. Her response will blow you away!

Watch the footage below to see what went down. The video has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed more than 2 million times!

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