Woman lets hard-up man stay in her garage – now she fears for her own safety

The extra income from Silvia Arocha’s garage apartment was meant to help her through her golden years but now she’s been left paying the bills after she opened it up to a man down on his luck.

Silvia offered the man her space on the understanding that it would be temporary, until he got back on his feet again, but three months later he’s still living there and refuses to leave.

The 67-year-old says not only is she out of pocket but also fears for her own safety.

“It makes me feel like an idiot, it really does,” said Silvia, according to Fox News.

Fox News

“He said he’s not going to move he has rights,” she added.

Arocha says their verbal agreement never involved payment but now she’s been left with an electricity bill of $300 a month, which is draining her fixed income.

San Antonio police have been called out to her garage apartment 20 times for a burglary in progress, with reports of yelling, screaming and domestic violence by one neighbor.

Silvia says she is afraid to stay in her own home, and spends most nights with family members.

Fox News

“I’m afraid of him, I really am afraid of him,” Arocha. “I don’t know what else to do.”

Mrs. Arocha hopes authorities will see her situation as an exception and issue an eviction, which will be properly enforced.

Let’s hope Silvia can get rid of this man soon and never be taken advantage of in this way again. Please share.