Woman loses purse and $300, before discovering it fell into the hands of teen employee

Losing your purse or wallet is something of a heart-stopper. As you search and search in all the usual places, the realization that it’s gone is just gut-wrenching.

As you think about what it contains and realize your driver’s license is gone with all of your personal information on, your bank cards with access to all the money you have in the world  and then the mind switches to identity theft and it’s all too much.


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Shelia Spencer went through that exact trauma when she realized she was missing her wristlet, a small purse with a skinny strap she looped around her wrist. And if that wasn’t bad enough her phone was gone, too.

She had gone into the grocery store Piggly Wiggly to get a few things on her way home from work.

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But it was now hours after she had been in the store and thought it more than likely it was now lone gone.

Shelia was so annoyed as losing it, not least because it contained $270, some of which didn’t belong to her.

Despite thinking it was a lost cause she still called the store with a flutter of hope in her heart and was amazed at what the store manager, who answered the phone, told her.

To her shock both her phone and her bag had been turned into the store’s lost and found!

“What is even more astonishing is, I had all my money in the wristlet and my iPhone,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

She asked the manager if he knew who had turned in her personal items and everyone at the store did.

Facebook/Shelia Spencer

It was an employee named Antoine Starr and Shelia was so bowled over she not only shared her story on social media but also rewarded Antoine for his excellent deed.

She wrote: “I went to bless Anthony today with $100, and I also called his mom Joyce to tell her what a great job she was doing with her son. His mom cried tears of joys. We hear very little about kids when they do something positive; it’s always lots of talk about the bad things that happen.”

Antoine told ABC 33/40 that he did not think what he had done was “a big deal.”

“I just picked it up and returned it to one of my supervisors. I thought about how I would feel if it was my stuff and was stolen from me. I would be devastated. So I thought about her and I returned it.”

Unsurprisingly the post has gone viral as we all agree it’s always good to celebrate the teen heroes.

IMG_1940.HEICThis young man is Anthony, he works at the Piggly Wiggly on 78. On Wednesday after work I went to Piggly…

Posted by Shelia Spencer on Friday, 19 October 2018

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