Woman shows kindness to homeless man, years later almost doesn’t recognize him after he turns life around

The saying ‘it costs nothing to be kind,’ is not just a saying but a life lesson. We should all definitely be more kind towards one another and also make an effort to understand one another more.

This woman who worked as a paramedic did exactly that and it paid off big time…

This is Will. 14 years ago he was homeless and addicted to heroin. We met as he was digging in the dumpster looking for…

Posted by Jeanah Nomelli on Thursday, October 24, 2019

When Paramedic Jeanah Nomelli met Will Levens, he was digging through trash as a homeless man. She felt compelled to ask him what brought him to such circumstances that he was doing so. This is when Levens shared his heartbreaking story with her.

“He shared that his wife died unexpectedly and in the wake of her death, he tried heroin- ONE TIME and became addicted,” Nomelli recalled their conversation. “He lost his home and job as a result of his addiction.”

His story stirred Nomelli who decided to help this man. Over time the two of them developed a friendship. She bought him boots and a jacket, along with $7 to get his ID. She wanted Levens to turn his life around.


When she gave him the $7 she made him promise not to spend it on drugs. Then one day, Will just seemed to have disappeared.


“Over the years I’ve wondered what happened to him,” Nomelli said. “I wondered if he was even alive.”

But it turned out that question was about to be answered for her… she was at a gas station using the restroom. When she stepped out, standing outside waiting for her was Will Levens!

“He stood there with tears in his eyes and asked if I remembered him.”

Not only did she remember him but she was ecstatic to see her friend doing so well. She said “Will kept his promise. He got his ID, a job, and later a wife. Will also found grace in the arms of our heavenly creator. We totally snot cried in the middle of the store before asking the clerk to take our picture.”

This sweet story is a solid reminder of what a long way a little kindness can go! Even merely being there for someone who is down on their luck can change their entire life!

This is such an incredible story to read. Stories like this really remind you of the importance of kindness and how a little help can go a long way for some people!

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