Woman takes walks with boy every day, then stranger looks closer and recognizes their faces from television

For mothers, there is nothing that the heart beats harder for than the love of her children. A mother protects her children at all costs, a mother stands up for her children when needed — and a mother is prepared to go through fire and storm to make her children feel comfortable.

Often times, however, this devotion and great sacrifice goes unnoticed. The same can’t be said about the little boy in this story, however, who is well aware of how much his mother loves him.

In Nebraska, USA, as in many other places, there are rules for which children are able to take advantage of the bus service to and from school. The rules are of course designed to make sure those living further away from school get the transportation they need, but it can also mean that some families get stuck without a way for their children to get to school.

This was the case for 8-year-old Gabe Bellus and his mother Kim. They lived just outside the designated radius, making it impossible for them to take advantage of the school shuttle. But they were also quite a fair distance away from the school — about two miles.

Kim did not own a car. But despite the fact that she was busy with studying at university, the mother was determined to take her boy to school. So every day she walked to and from Carriage Hill Elementary School with her son.


It was a difficult road and it was tough for the family to work through the logistics. 8-year-old Gabe also became very tired after the the long walks.

But Kim increasingly worried about how they would cope when temperatures began to fall and snow came.

Soon, news about the family’s difficult situation and the mother’s sacrifices began to spread around town.


Gabe and Kim became famous in their area, especially when a local news stations picked up their story.

Then one morning, as the duo were on their usual walk to school, everything changed.

A car slowed down and stopped by them.


The driver, Becky Novotny, was the mother of another child who went to the same school. She had three children and knew exactly how hard it could be to manage through the days.

She’d recognized Gabe and Kim’s faces from the news — and saw a chance to help. So she offered to start driving Gabe to and from school every day.

“If I were in the same situation, I would have liked someone to help me. It’s a small town, you’re there for everyone,” Becky told KMTV 3.


For the family it was a gift from heaven. In addition to greatly making things easier for both Gabe and Kim, the boy now had more energy at school.

Both mothers are great examples of strength and determination. Kim found a way when there was no one to help — Becky stepped in and contributed just because she could.

It’s not every day you hear of good deeds like this!

See the clip about the event here:

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