Woman thinks she has water in her ear – doctor takes one look and calls for help

Most of us live in hope that we will never encounter a venomous spider; we reassure ourselves that they’re not interested in us and would rather hide in a dark corner away from everyone.

For those of us who have a fear of those 8-legged creatures the idea that one would cross our path, let alone one that can hurt us is enough to send us running for the hills.

So, when spider-fearing Susie Torres visited her doctor because she thought she had water in her ear, what she actually had in her ear you could describe as her worst nightmare.


Susie Torres woke up in her Kansas home one morning with a swooshing sound in her left ear that made her think she had water in it.

When it didn’t improve, she decided to visit her local clinic.


When the medical assistant first checked her out she almost did a double take.

Susie said there was some panic when she realized what was in her ear. “She ran out to get more people and told me ‘I think you have an insect in your ear.'”


But Susie didn’t panic at first as she didn’t know what kind of insect was in her ear.


The insect turned out to be a spider but not just any spider but a brown recluse spider, well known in the U.S. for its unusual markings and poisonous bite.

Thankfully the spider was removed without any issue, but her ordeal has left Susie with so many questions and fears.

“Why, where, what and how,” she said. “I never thought they could crawl into your ear or any part of your body.”

Susie was told she was lucky she didn’t get bitten.


Susie now takes extra precautions when she goes to bed, putting cotton balls in her ears.

Watch the clip below to find out more about this creepy crawly story.

This really is my worst nightmare; Susie was so lucky she wasn’t bitten by this venomous spider. 

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