Woman with tumor on her face turns makeup artist with thousands of followers

We’re all different and I’d hope that by the time most of us reach adulthood we have developed a level of open mindedness where we can accept and embrace people’s differences.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t as kind as we would like it to be and for those with visible differences some can experience unacceptable cruelty.

Rhonda Manring developed a benign tumor on her face at two years old and experienced ignorant parents pulling their children away from her believing her tumor was contagious.

The 27-year-old from Virginia was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition that causes benign tumors to grow along the nerves.

“I kept to myself throughout my years in school; I had a few good friends who are still by my side today and have loved and supported me,” she said, according to the Metro newspaper.

‘Regardless of who you are on the inside’

“The toughest part of my journey was learning that people will treat you differently regardless of who you are on the inside.”

But despite the comments and constant stares from strangers Rhonda has grown into a confident young lady who embraces her differences.

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Her love of makeup has led her to become a makeup artist and she uploads tutorials on Facebook and Instagram where she has around 9,000 followers.

“I’m a makeup enthusiast,” she said. “I love being able to go into my makeup room and just create different looks.

Beautiful inside and out

“I have always been a bright confident person. I don’t remember ever not being confident. My condition hasn’t affected my love life either; I don’t chase love, I let it find me.”

Rhonda helps raise awareness of her condition through social media and shares positive messages about self-acceptance.

“Don’t worry about how society thinks you should look, society is wrong; everyone is beautiful inside and out.

“Love who God made you to be. I’m glad I have the life I have. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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