WWII Navajo female veteran dies at 105 years old – rest in peace

One of the longest living World War II veterans has passed away aged 105, according to reports.

Sophie Yazzie was also a member of the Navajo Nation in Arizona and joined the US Army Air Corps when she was 28 years old.

She died at her home in Tucson surrounded by family.

The Navajo nation were responsible for developing the Navajo code, which is the only spoken military code “never to have been deciphered”. Based on the language of the Navajo people it was also used during the Korean War and ended during the Vietnam war.


Department of Veterans’ Services Director Wanda Wright wrote on her Facebook page, “We are saddened to hear of the passing of Sophie Yazzie. Sophie, a WWII veteran died today at the age of 105 surrounded by her family. A Navajo veteran, she was born and raised in Canyon de Chelly and served in the Women’s Army Air Corps.”

She adds, “I am blessed to have met Sophie and hear about her service to our country. Last summer we were honored to be able to present Sophie with Governor Ducey’s Arizona Women Veteran’s Week proclamation. We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends, and will always remember her legacy.”

‘A warrior for our Navajo people’

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said, “On behalf of the Navajo people, we offer our thoughts and prayers for the family of the late Sophie Yazzie, a matriarch for her family and a warrior for our Navajo people who served our country with great honor and dignity.”

Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, tweeted, “Saddened to learn of the passing of Sophie Yazzie, a World War II Veteran and member of the Navajo Nation. At the age of 105, Sophie was one of the longest living female WWII veterans. Arizona is forever grateful for her service. Our prayers are with her loved ones. #RIP”

Sophia, who was born in 1914 in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, had four children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Find out more about the Navajo Code Talkers in the clip below.

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