You could be paid $560 a month to live on this stunning Greek Island – no, this is not a drill

Most of us dream of living on a sunny island, away from all the pressures of modern-day living.

For those of us that live miles from the sea, we can only dream of looking out of our window onto lapping waves; there’s nothing more relaxing.

Now that dream could become a reality as young families are being offered a monthly wage and a plot of land to live on a beautiful, sunny Greek island.

The beautiful Greek island of Antikythira is just 20 square miles big and a 45-minute plane ride from Athens.

But with only a population of just 24 permanent residents the local council is trying to bolster its numbers.

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In a desperate attempt to boost its population the mayor of the island is offering young families 500 euros or $563 per month and a plot of land if they move there.

Located between Crete and Kythira, the monthly pay packet is paid for by the local Greek Orthodox Church, who only want young families, so single people need not apply, according to Lad Bible.

The island was previously occupied by around 300 people but over the years younger residents have left to find work on the mainland.

New residents will also receive a plot of land to either build a new home or a business.

Antikythira tourism website

According to the island’s tourism website Antikythira is “one of the tiniest, non-modernized, inhabited Greek islands.”

Mayor of the island Andreas Charchalakis told Greek website “Our place is very beautiful and difficult during the winter months.

Very remote

“We are looking for many families to revive our island.”

Anyone interested in making this move should know that it’s very remote with no bank or ATM machine and just one shop.

However, the island does have electricity and internet connection and there are plenty of jobs for fishermen, bakers and builders, according to Greek website iefimerida.

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