Young girl, 7, sunbathes outside home; stranger stops car and asks her a chilling question

As a parent we never stop worrying about our kids and keeping them safe. There are many terrifying stories out there about children who have been lured away from safety by strangers. We try to educate them as best we can so they don’t talk to strangers and hope that if a stranger does approach them when they’re alone, they will know how to stay safe.

When seven-year-old Emmy McCardell decided to go outside her house to sunbathe her mom was okay with it but while the young girl was relaxing a car pulled up and a stranger inside said “Hello.”

In an instant Emmy knew something wasn’t right.


Emmy looked up to see where the voice was coming from and saw the stranger. She immediately got up and then the stranger asked her a question that would stop most kids in their tracks.

The stranger asked: “Do you want a bicycle?”

By that point, Emmy was already running towards the door when the stranger asked the question and she shouted “No!” as she ran inside.

Once inside, her mother Michelle was horrified the minute she saw Emmy running through the door. She knew something wasn’t right and Emmy told her what had happened. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.


Emmy’s mom Michelle said she had always told her two kids never to trust or listen to strangers. If Emmy hadn’t been taught about stranger danger or had chosen to ignore it, she may have been lured into a dangerous stranger’s car.

Thankfully Emmy knew just what to do and ran to safety. Her quick thinking probably saved her life – and Michelle couldn’t have been more proud of her little girl.

Surveillance footage outside the home captured the whole thing and police are now working hard to track down the vehicle.

Watch the chilling footage in the video below.

What happened to Emmy is a stark reminder of how important it is to teach our kids about stranger danger. Please share so other parents can prepare their children.