Young mom delivers baby while battling coronavirus in medically induced coma

Expecting a child places a major strain on the female body – both mentally and physically. After the first wave of overwhelming joy, there is usually a short period in which you, as expecting parents, are quite worried.

When you start to read about it, many things can happen during pregnancy, although it usually ends well in most cases.

When Angela Primachenko from Vancouver found out she was pregnant she was, of course, thrilled. But her pregnancy would unfortunately turn into a nightmare.

When she was 33 weeks pregnant, Angela suddenly began to feel sick. Her twin sister, Oksana, thought it was allergies and told Angela not to worry.

Naturally, given the circumstances, Angela was afraid she might have caught the coronavirus.

A few days later she went and tested herself. It turned out to be positive – Angela had been infected during a time in life when you absolutely don’t want to be battling a virus.

However, she had no underlying illnesses and that was of course a reassuring message.

Despite that, Angela grew weaker and weaker. She was eventually admitted to intensive care and needed a ventilator to help her breathing. The situation was critical.

Angela’s twin sister Oksana provided an update on the situation on social media.

“She started getting worse. They took an X-ray of her lungs and they are not doing well,” Oksana told WFAA.

On March 29, doctors felt that they had to put Angela in a medically induced coma. The idea of ​​putting her in a coma was that Angela would reserve all the energy and power she could to give birth to her child.

On April 1, Angela’s baby girl was born after an impressive effort. Throughout the delivery, Angela remained in a coma.

“Her lungs will have more space and all of her nutrients will come to her, and they could flip her on her tummy so her lungs could be cleared out,” Oksana said.

“The baby is in the NICU for now until she can poop on her own and eat on her own; then they will send her home with dad.”

Fortunately, Angela’s husband David and baby tested negative for COVID-19.

At the same time, Angela began to recover.

The doctors were able to remove the ventilator and right now the new mother is able to breathe on her own. She has also got the chance to talk to her family via video chat, according to Oksana.

Her sister, Oksana, thanked the public for the tremendous support the family has received during this difficult and chaotic time.

“It’s rough. It’s very, very hard. Emotional, exhausting. I wish this was a bad dream I could wake up from,” she said, continuing: “I don’t know how else to make it through faith. Faith for healing, faith for life after death. Faith for it all,” she said.

Oksana also took the opportunity to share an important message from Angela, just before she was placed in a coma.

“She did say one thing. She’s like, ‘People aren’t taking this seriously but I kind of wish they did. This is really serious. This is not a joke. This is not your average flu. This is much, much worse. ‘ That’s what she said,” Oksana said.

The twin sister is now organizing a fundraiser to help with the medical costs for the family.

”Hospital bills are crazy and Angela and David are small business owners so their insurance does not cover most of her stay. I am praying Angela and David will not even have to worry about that Any support is huge, and if we cannot reach you personally to thank you,  we pray the blessings of God reach you and your family,” she writes.

Still praying for faith and hope for a full recovery from this nightmare.