Researchers: Children inherit their intelligence from their mother, not their father

Throughout history, men have often been portrayed as rational, sensible, and logical thinkers.

However, newer studies have found that “intelligence genes” are inherited only from the mother — not from both parents as previously thought.

A new study has found that our intelligence comes from the female X chromosome. The fact that intelligence has a hereditary element is a known fact, but it was always thought that the genes are inherited from both parents.

Psychology Spot describes how several studies have come to the same conclusion: children inherit the intelligence of their mother because the intelligence gene is found in the X chromosome.

“Interestingly, some of the affected genes only work if they come from the mother. If the same gene is inherited from the dad, it will be deactivated. Evidently, other genes work elsewhere, but they are only activated if they are inherited from the father,” the study writes.

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According to researchers, genes work in different ways depending on where they come from. Some are only activated if they come from a certain gender. So even if a child has a very smart father, it doesn’t have anything to do with how smart the child is — because the father’s intelligence genes are disabled by the mother’s chromosomes.

Furthermore, genes are important components when it comes to intelligence, but they are not absolutely crucial. The researchers point out that only 40-60 percent of a person’s intelligence is hereditary.

The remaining part is determined by the environment in which the child grows up, the extent to which the brain is stimulated, and the child’s individual characteristics.

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