Best burgers 2019: Smoked burgers with whiskey taste

Looking to add some extra flavour to those burgers this weekend?
Look no further!
This recipe for smoked BBQ burgers with whiskey taste is gonna make your whole neighborhood drool just from the smell!

As summer time approaches quickly I just can’t get enough of clever new takes on my favourite BBQ dishes. Or inspirationto find something completly new and unexpected, like this genius hack för cooking pizza on your grill using a muffin tin.

Or this one, where an ordinary ice cube can help you cook perfect burgers in no time at all!


Here’s what you need:

2-3 lbs ( 900-1.3 kg ) of ground chuck with an 80/20 fat ratio

Habanero Chipotle hot sauce

Whiskey or Bourbon.

Brown sugar

6 inch cake rings

Bell Pepper



Portabello mushroom



Large Burger buns

Thank you for this boys. The weekend is officially saved!