Genius mini kebab grill for kebabs everyday at home

Nothing beats a nice big outdoor barbeque in the summer.
Some nice cold drinks and your family and friends gathered around the grill.

But there days when you just want to sink your teeths into something easy-made, like a nice kebab.

And now, you don’t even have to go to the shop to get one.



WIth it’s 21 litre capacity you can invite the whole neighborhood and no one will be left hungry. The safety features also means the grill will automatically turn off once the door is opened.

All you have to do is spike the skewer through the meat, put the timer on, sit back and let it spin around the grill. But the best part: The grill drains away the fat as it cooks the food meaning it’s a pretty healthy alternative in the world of kebabs.

And by the way, if you feel like something beside from kebab – this bad boy can take care of anything from chicken to meat and vegetables on a skewer.

The grill was sold eBay for just $78.

Isn’t this genius? I’m sure gonna get me one of these!