I’ve fried bacon the same way for 40 years, but after seeing this? Wow!

When it comes to cooking, I have always felt that bacon is an art in itself. It takes perfect timing and as a chef, you have to pay close attention to get it just right!

When you see bacon in the package, it doesn’t look difficult to prepare. There are some slices of meat that need to be cooked for a few minutes. Right? And when other people in the household notice the smell of bacon, you just want to cook more!

But what about this: why not skip a step and make cooking bacon even easier?

I have always cooked bacon in the frying pan. It may not be the most refined cooking method, but it works for me. I thought it was the best way until I saw this. When you think about it, most frying pans are too fit all those big bacon slices. The result is often uneven frying.

Solution? Try the oven!

And start baking your bacon! This solution is really very simple, and you’ll like it so much that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. The oven has more room so the bacon all fits and is able to cook evenly. Burnt or undercooked bacon strips are history!

You can either use a plain baking sheet …


… or line it with foil.


Another advantage of baked bacon is that the heat spreads the flavors evenly.


Adam and Jackie, who are partners in a Portland restaurant called The Country Cat and authors of the “Heartlandia” Cookbook, recommend this method. Because they are both cooks, they have a lot of experience with both bacon and other meats. They claim that bacon tastes best when cooked in the oven, the bacon keeps its flavor for a longer time.

This is how you do it:

Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Then, use a baking sheet that has edges on all sides and line with foil. Place the bacon slices on the baking sheet — it doesn’t matter if they touch. But, the bacon slices shouldn’t overlap.

Then you actually bake the bacon. How you prefer your bacon slices is a matter of personal taste, but about seven minutes is a good time. It depends on how crispy you like your bacon.

Voila! Simple, and at the same time so much better.


Watch the video to see how to do it (it’s very easy):

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