To make the world’s best pasta sauce, you only need 3 ingredients

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a big fan of pasta. There are even photographs of me as a kid with a bowl of pasta in front of me and spaghetti sauce all over my face.

Over time, my table manners have improved, but I still love pasta and I’m always looking for a good new recipe.

So when I saw this simple but incredibly good tomato sauce, I couldn’t help but share it with everyone I know.

Award-winning chef Marcella Hazan, the mastermind behind the recipe, calls it “The World’s Best Pasta Sauce” and I, for one, agree.

Of course, it’s up to each person to judge. But most people would agree that it’s among the world’s simplest pasta sauce recipes.

Marcella Hazan knows how to make pasta. For 48 years, she’s published best-selling cookbooks, often on the theme of homemade Italian food.

Marcella passed away in 2013, but her recipe lives on and carries the Italian tradition.

Among her most famous recipes is a tomato sauce that contains just three ingredients. It’s as simple as can be and it might just be the best red sauce you’ll ever make at home!

Pasta, Pastasås, Spaghetti


1. Put everything in a saucepan. Stir one can of whole peeled tomatoes, 5 tablespoons of butter, a peeled onion cut in half and some fresh salt.

2.  Let it simmer. Let the ingredients to simmer on medium for 45 minutes. Occasionally mash the tomatoes with a wooden spoon to gently break them apart.

3. Spice and serve. Season with a pinch or two of salt and maybe some pepper. Then, remove the onion from the sauce before mixing it with pasta.

Pasta, Pastasås, Spaghetti

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? You can always add a little freshly grated parmesan and some basil for an enhanced taste experience.

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are also the best, as this recipe shows!

Pasta, Pastasås, Spaghetti

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