The best bacon and egg quesadillas you’ll ever try

It can’t just be me who yearns for the barbecue season to be here?

Okay, I’ve already cheated and lit the grill a few times, but it’s not really is the same when it’s raining outside and chilly winds blows through your jacket.

Anyway, this time of year I dream of those magical, summer barbecue parties…

And for 2019, I will not only put briskets, burgers and ribs on the grill.

Because I’ve found a new favorite recipe from the BBQ Pitboys that I will definitely try as soon as possible!

This bacon and egg Quesadilla packs a punch, loaded with bacon, eggs, ground pork, cheese and jalapenos, it’s big enough to feed four people no problem.

Bacon and egg Quesadilla

Grilled bacon, pork, eggs loaded up on tortillas…. What could go wrong? Especially if you use these simple tips and tricks shown here.

You wont be disappointed or left hungry!

For Bacon Egg Quesadilla you need the following ingredients:

Ground Pork
Pepper Jack Cheese
Onion Powder
White pepper powder
SPG Seasoning
Hot sauce


The key to putting this breakfast quesadilla together is to lightly fry the tortillas in a little oil first, remove, then add more oil to the pan snd add the whisked egg mix and drop the tortillas on top so they become one.

I wanted a piece of that so bad. That looks absolutely delicious!

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